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My Top favorite photo editing Apps on Android

My Top favorite photo editing Apps on Android

I asked a question for my Instagram followers (@PlusOmar) and had them pick what should I post next. 55% asked me to write a blog post about the Apps I use to edit photos on my Phone. I should note here that I used an Android Phone, currently using the the first Pixel XL. So all the Apps that I'm going to mention are available on Android Phones.

  1. Snapseed

    The #1 photo editing app on android, I consider it as a good substitute to Lightroom on PCs. Snapseed is made by the creators of Nik software, the app offers you ready made filters for fast editing. The app also enables you to use 28 tools to edit your photos. 
  2. VSCO

    VSCO is one of my favorite apps to use. Thanks to their unique filters, it beautifully adds a "vintagy" "filmy" look.I personally prefer to use it when I'm trying to shoot a minimal, simple photos, but it can be used for any type really. VSCO filters are great, but I prefer to use their 15+ tools to further improve on the photo.
  3. Lightroom

    The most known software by Adobe for editing photos on PCs has also a mobile version with less features. The App provides some of the tools that are offered on Snapseed. But what I love about Lightroom is the 'selective' tool. I personally love to use them on my photos and this app does it perfectly.
  4. Photoshop Fix

    I added this app just for 2  specific tools, the Liquify tool. this tool help you manipulate photos, for example making eyes bigger or nose smaller. The other tool is the Healing tool. The healing tool here is much superior than the other apps in my opinion.
  5. Pannify

    Not a photo editing app, however I use this app to create the panoramas on my Instagram account, The best thing about the app? NO ADS!.
  6. Shapical

    This is a nice app that helps you add shapes, text, blur and overaly colors on your photos. Not an essential app, but if you're aiming for a "hipster-y look" you'll love it.
  7. Overlay

    Another app that offers almost the same features as Shapical. It all depends on your personal taste, I personally prefer to have both and use both and pick the app that offers the best result for my photos.
  8. Lens Distortions (Beta)

    This is an unreleased app that shows promise. This app offers ready made overalys such as rain, fog, snow and light flares. I probably won't use it often, but fun to use on "for fun" and experimental photos.

There you have it, 8 apps that I recommend that you use or at least try. Don't see your favorite app there? Do you have any apps that I might have missed ? or any apps that should be in the list? Write them down in the comment section below and I'll update this post once I review them.

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