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Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Review

Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Review

I've always loved the Polaroid cameras, especially the old instant film ones. Polaroids had a special thing that no other forms of photography has, not digital and not even film. Some people even say that instant film photography is the only model that sticks to the true nature of photography since you don't get the chance of post-processing the photo; what you shoot is what you get.

As we sadly know that Polaroid has stopped making their instant film cameras and films, but thankfully we still have The Impossible Project that's keeping Polaroid films alive. but the problem is that the production of instant films for Polaroid is expensive. But good news, Fujifilm has it's own Polaroid solution, The Fujifilm Instax 210.

The camera design is weird to be honest, you'll see that the view finder is sticking out of the body on the right side, I'm probably just spoiled from using my Nikon D800 but I will still say that it feels weird when you try to look from the viewfinder. The good thing is that it's very light and changing the film and batteries has never been easier.


Fujifilm also provides a small add-on which you attach on the lens, this add-on has a small reflective mirror that will help you take selfies.


The price may be a shock to you since this camera only costs $58 when I last checked on Amazon!! Even the instant film does not cost much, The Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Film Twin Pack contains 2 packs of instant film, each pack contains 10 films, The twin pack was being sold for $16.30 on amazon, that means you're spending about $0.8 on each shot, that's actually quite good in my opinion. I would actually recommend buying this camera even before mentioning what I didn't like about it, trust me it's a fun camera to own.

Instead of throwing the plastic cases away, I like to use them as frames for my photos.

Instead of throwing the plastic cases away, I like to use them as frames for my photos.

But there's only one thing that I didn't like, I can't seem to be able to turn off the flash, that's actually much it, I still need to spend some time though getting used to take photos on it, and If you're interested in getting one I would recommend getting 2 or 3 twin packs of film.


Don't Like:

  • Weird Design
  • Can't seem to be able to turn the flash off


  • Cheap camera
  • Cheap films
  • light weight
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