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Dell Chromebook 11 Review

Dell Chromebook 11 Review


I've been using the Dell Chromebook 11 for few months now, during that time I took this 11.6" Chromebook on 2 trips and leaving my workstation at home. I wanted to see how a Chromebook can be useful to photographers. Also I wanted to use the chromebook mainly to transfer files from my memory cards to an external hard drive. I have been amazed by some aspects of this Chromebooks but it does have it's limitations.


The Dell Chromebook looks sleek and has a simple design, even though the body is made out of plastic, it does not look cheap, it actually feels like a premium device when holding it. On the left side you'll have the power port, an HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0 ports and a headphone jack port. on the right side you'll see the Kensington Lock and a SD Card reader. And finally you see a light indicator on the front of the Chromebook.

The Chromebook still manages to keep it's sleek design in the keyboard area. the trackpad is wide and its size is perfect for a small laptop and I found it to be very responsive. The keyboard is also great but unfortunately its not backlit, I wish that Dell would include a backlit keyboard on their next Chromebook (if they are going to continue making Chromebooks that is). 



The screen is one of the drawbacks of this beautiful looking Chromebook, it comes with an LCD screen, and has a low resolution of 1366x768, you'll actually notice the pixels when looking at the screen from a close distance, the screen is glossy and very reflective. but on the other hand the screen is VERY bright that I ended up lowering the screen brightness most of the time, the viewing angles is also not bad either.



This is where the Dell Chromebook starts the shine, the speakers are located on the sides of the Chromebook, I personally loved the speakers, even though they sound but the speakers are loud, I personally was impressed by it. there isn't much that I could say about the speakers but I'm sure you'll be happy with it for the price you're paying for.


Battery Life

The battery life is long enough that you shouldn't be worried about it, even when you're not using the Chromebook, it will save it's charge for a long time, I remember that I left my Chromebook on sleep for about 10 days without using it and it still had around 70-80% left! and even if you were running out of juice, the charger is small and light, also the Dell Chromebook recharges fast.


Chrome OS

For most of the time I was using Chrome OS, it worked flawlessly, except for one thing, Chrome OS could not open large photos taken from my Nikon D800, but that has been changed recently and I finally can open large JPEGs. however it still can't open RAW files. Also recently Google updated Chrome OS enabling it to run some android apps, people around the internet managed to hack it so that Chrome OS can run any Android apps, I personally wish if Google would enable installing any app on Chrome OS since there aren't many apps available for the Chrome OS. 


Don't Like

  • No Raw file support
  • Lack of Apps
  • Screen resolution
  • No Backlit Keyboard


  • Cheap Price
  • Good build
  • Great Battery Life
  • Loud Speakers
  • Stable OS
  • Fast File Transfer
  • Light weight
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