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Kuwait Photowalk!

Kuwait Photowalk!

Photowalk at the Souq AlMubarakiya in Kuwait, we will start gathering at Sahat AlSafat (shown on map below) around 3:30pm and start our march towards the Souq.

map link:

This event is FREE and Open event for all, all you need is:
1. A camera or any device that shoots photos ( Phones, tablets...etc)
2.Lenses. (Wide and mid-range Lenses will work just fine
4.Wear something warm and comfy since It might be cold and we will be walking for few hours.

What's a Photowalk?
Basically an event where photographers get together at an agreed location and walk around shooting photos. It's a great way to have fun, learn and get to know other photographers.

If you have any questions you can contact me on

Twitter: @PlusOmar
Instagram: @PlusOmar

Some photos That I've taken the last time I went to Souq AlMubarakia:

The Butcher Corner at Souk Al Mubarakiya in Kuwait.
3 Kuwaiti men walking in Souk AlMubarakiya, one of the oldest markets in Kuwait.
A Dates seller in Souk AlMubarakiya in Kuwait.
Omar Update 1.0

Omar Update 1.0

What I'm taking on my trip to Kuwait!

What I'm taking on my trip to Kuwait!